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USA Handmade Workout Device loved by Athletes, Parents, and Fitness Enthusiasts alike.
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RipStick is a USA Handmade Workout Device that is used by Basketball players, Soccer players, Bodybuilders, Calisthenics, Children, Teenagers, Adults, Parents, and Teachers. Anyone and everyone can use the RipStick!

Full Upper Body Workout

RipStick Gives you a complete Upper Body Workout such as Traps, Chest, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Back, Forearms, and More! RipStick can also be used to rehab upper body injures.

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Meet the NEW RipStick 2.0 Bundle: Your Pocket Sized Gym

Unlock your fitness potential with the RipStick Bundle—an all-in-one solution for those wanting to get ripped FAST. This carefully selected package is your gateway to a transformative workout experience.

What comes in the RipStick Bundle?

The RipStick: Its unique design and portability supports a variety of exercises, targeting multiple muscle groups for an effective full-body workout in less than 15 minutes!

Bonus 1: FREE Extra Resistance Bands (valued at $20): Enhance your workout with these extra bands, offering different resistance levels. Customize your exercise intensity, pushing your muscles towards optimal growth.

Bonus 2: FREE Customized Workout Program (valued at $80): Get a special workout program, designed to assist you in achieving your dream body. Suitable for various fitness levels and goals.

Bonus 3: FREE User Guide: A detailed guide for the RipStick, providing instructions, tips, and techniques to maximize your workout effectiveness.

30,786 Units Sold

As of February 2024, we have Sold 60,579 RipSticks with no returns since all of our customers are satisfied. We also offer LIFETIME WARRANTY. To keep all of our customers 100% satisfied!